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By Joel From "Cyberpunk Argentina"

Guillermo Coronel is the creator of EBM LOVERS MAGAZINE. He is an enthusiastic and optimistic boy from Argentina. He works in this site as a voluntary and he has participated in other international sites. He started writing in local sites in Argentina about music as a freelancer, where he cannot spread the music that he loved. In the beginning of 2013 he began his work is Facebook page with the intention to share the hottest news about EBM,Synth And Futurepop Music, and soon, he started a write articles, reviews and well … a Facebook  page not were enough to continue to spread that  amount  of information, so that`s is how his  site were born,This year Guillermo started his research about Futurepop music in the world with the intention to release a book and begin a career as  a professional writer.

  • Firstly, Could you introduce yourself?  And then could you tell me about your life and your work and all the Webzines when you have participated?

 Sure, you can read the introduction in the beginning of this article.

Well my life… I’m just a common argentine boy… my name is Guillermo Coronel as you can see, I’m 26 years old and I working in training job in my university when I´m attending the social communication  and social work program. National University of La Matanza   gives me the possibility to work as training in a part time job, to have the necessary time to study .so hard to get to degree in a nearby future.
I love music; music is my passion from my childhood. My dreams is sing my own song and I wish to so my own music, but it takes a lot of time… at least I’m studying to be a singer a is nice music school one hour by week in Buenos Aires City and I have a guitar, a keyboard and a some music software,  well i  try to make some noises but nothing seriously, in this moment music for me is like a therapy. Music makes me fly and transport me to another dimension; I mean music is my gateway to the  pradise.

I have other hobbies, too, such as theatre (In fact I’m attending a workshop of creativity in theatre);reading, for example philosophy, literature and I love cine but music is the best for me.
Well I’m interest in the reality, not only I put my attention in arts. I’m aware to reality of my country so, in this year I´ve joined in a political sector of Argentina called ·”Pro” because I think these ideas are the change to this area need. Latin-Americans politicians are a shamed me, but I see a leader in Mauricio Macri, I mean I trust him… Any I see a positive future to my country despite of the current government and their madness.
And obviously as a volunteer I decided to spread the genre of music which I love.  My computer and my internet home connection allows me write and express my opinion. Even I´ve worked in local web sites, when I started to write my first reviews, and I have collaborated in important international web magazines, in nowadays I’m happily writer volunteer in a site of Belgium.
Time to talk about my site: EBM LOVERS MAGAZINE is a solo project, made all for me when the main idea is spread EBM, Synth wave music, because there’s no many sites about these kind of music in Argentina, and in Spanish.
Fortunately the musician in the world help me with my work, I have several interviews with a start of Synthpop.EBM and Futurepop musicians in the international scene. I’m so proud of it and to the fact to I work every day without intention to get any profit, I mean I work free to a cause, to a musical cause, and I’m so glad for I´ve got a nice feedback with the readers and in the last time some people said me to trust in my work as a journalist, so is so important for my career.
For this work in the sites and the repercussion, in my work some month ago I started my research about the music, the Synth music. I want to publish a book with all the material that I picked up in all this time.
And I hate the Beatles, and I don’t like soccer. Hahaahha.

  • How do you see the scene in the world and in your country?
"The scene" is a particular word… but I don’t try to enter in a discussion here. In the world the scene is small, even in the most important countries which were the cradle of Synth wave movement. But in these countries basically Europe, the mainstream hasn’t  power as Latin-Americans media, where there are a system of corporation to spread  principal commercial product of the mainstream industry in the culture, and diversity does not exists. So in this reality you can imagine that small scene cannot be important. But I try to help to make  it bigger , supporting it  working harder as I can.

  • How do you see the future of EBM Lovers Magazine?
The future? The Future-pop hehehe…  Really I would like  making  the biggest site and a print magazine in Latin-America.  But for the moment it´s some complicated, but I hope to release this dream. My site is growing in all aspect, in every article that I upload, as well  my knowledge is growing with the time, so play attention to the incoming news to the anniversary to this my site.
And lastly, as I always say, my site couldn’t be the best site in the world, but there I poured much love and passion, two of most important things of the human existence.

By Joel  Hurtado Portella. (Cyberpunk Argentina)


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